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15 With 20/15 vision

This is a story of a Grandmother who, may or may not have been involved in some level of Secret Government Activity & her grandson, a 15 year old boy named Chris who was a student and an underaged employee at Sky Harbor airport with exceptional ability, 20/15 eyesight. While Chris was on his way home from work on the Red Line bus route something took place now known as the "Phoenix Lights" an event that caused his Grandmother to break her silence.


The date is March 13th, 1997. What appeared to be another typical Thursday evening for residents in the Valley of the Sun, quickly changed as the "Lights" began to emerge and glide with unity across the Arizona night sky.

"Phoenix Lights"

What seemed to be a normal week



Chris-Town Mall



The Death of Christopher



What was that?



Meeting Marshall



Hale-Bopp and UFO



The Phoenix Lights



Message recieved

Celebrity witness to The Phoenix Lights shares their story

We were all in shock when the we found out that movie star Kurt Russell appeared on British Broadcasting Corporation's public service channel and opened up about the night when he and his son encountered this massive object, while airborne , making their approach towards the airport that evening on March 13th 1997

Thursday 13th 1997

Thursday, the Arizona Wildcats started their championship run beating South Alabama in the first round of March Madness. The Halibot Comet attracted eyes towards the night sky, however the calls came pouring in about a V shaped craft that left citizens speechless.​


First Reports

Based off of verified witness accounts it seems as though the Phoenix Lights started in 2 different location other than Phoenix. Around 7:30pm the formation was seen over the Superstition Mountains, and then around 7:55 it was reported in Henderson, Nevada.

Flight Path

The timed stamped sighting reports the V-shapeed object lights appeared in Nevada and traveled southeast through Paulden, Arizona and the Prescott area before eventually making its way to Phoenix where it gained its popular name. Disappearing south of Tucson near the Mexico Border


The object itself was had to be about a mile in length in a V-shape with up to 9 orbs shaped lights that came on. As the object passed through the night sky it appeared as if one could see right through it. Imagine hold a plastic water bottle over your head and looking through it, you could see the stars through the craft. "Phoenix Resident"​

The Sightings

The Phoenix Lights were not shy! The craft moved as if it were on cruise control, casually coasting through the night sky as it was observed by thousands for 106 minutes. As many as 9 lights were reported moving in unison throughout the Arizona night sky as residents witnessed something out of the ordinary.

Where did it go?

It's unclear exactly what went on after the Phoenix Lights disappeared over the horizon south of Tucson that night. Some say that the V-shaped object was seen later that evening heading northwest, mirroring the same flight path it took earlier that evening, some say it shot up into space after jets got close to it.

The Recording

Foreign sounds on Earth

Advancement in Technology

Functional Craft

Joined Forces

An Alliance in Secrecy

The President's plan B

Our President had a back up plan!​

Fantastic Voyage

Our Golden Message


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