Extraterrestrial or man-made

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Phoenix, Arizona


If you live here, you become familiar with seeing Unidentifiable Flying Objects almost immediately however, you learn what is Ours and what is Not. If you don't believe, go to any city within this beautiful state and look in the sky during Sunrise or Sunset hours.

Arizona Sky never disappoints!

"Phoenix Resident"


Point "A"

                                                                  Point "B"

The Phoenix Lights 3/13/97

In Comparison

The credible eyewitness accounts say that the craft was Considered to be a mile long

Up to 3 football fields in length, V-Shaped with square edges, and didn't make a sound. The "Lights" radiated Intelligence, as the moved in unison across the state.

In Reality

In present day,  the truth about what was reported on local and national news stations versus what actually happened on March 13, 1997 is starting to come to light. The residents in the Valley of the Sun that witnessed the "Lights" that Thursday evening want the truth to be told.

What you will learn in this Film

First off, this motion picture will re-create what happened on March 13, 1997 in its entirety to the best of our abilities. â€‹We deliver years of factual events that are all connected to what took place on 3/13/97 and whats most important, we will get it right!

What was reported to the world was wrong and we will correct that!

Enter at your own Risk!

1837 - 1997