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The Peralta Stone Maps

 Orion, The Winter Triangle and Taurus used 

on Stone maps

Discovered in 1947 


The Peralta Stone Maps

While on a family vacation man named Travis E. Tumlinson, a police officer from portland, Oregon was driving through Arizona when he decided to take a quick bathroom and stretch break. On highway 60, he pulled to the side, exited his car and walked into the desert east of Apache Junction when he tripped over a pointed edge rock sticking out of the ground. A bit startled and with new pain his his big toe, Tumlinson painfully observed the rock he just tripped over and noticed that it had some sort of engravings into the stone but, he was unable to fully understand what was etched into it. So, travis began riffing and unearthed the Horse/Priest Map, a dual sided map that contained an image of a priest holding a cross that appears to be pointing in a direction, standing on stairs that has the year 1847 at the bottom. On the back side of the Map has a Horse, etched beautifully with words, in Spanish saying " Yo Pasto al norte del rio" and "El Cobollo de Sante Fe. The Horse Map does include another important thing engraved into it which is the number "5" surrounded by 4 dots in the designed shape of a diamond with a fifth dot off in the distance to the right. Upon further observation you begin to notice that there is also the number 3 and E down towards the horses tail and 13 located with-in horses body, but separated. The name of the person who created this map, who's name will be left out but was well loved by the Native Americans and was given information & shared in secret code, some of this code is shown on these maps. Something special was happening at this time and and important group by the name of the Hopi are known to have knowledge of the future using Stones known as the " Ancient Hopi Tablets", which were dated and tested to have been created around 50,000 years ago. 

The creator of this Horse/priest Map attempted to recreate information that was shared by, creating their own Tablet, placed a star system that has been recorded all throughout history by civilizations around the world, with a year and a date of 3/13. Here's the twist, The person that created the map, was not alive in 1847 nor in 1997 so , how could they have know what events were to take place on those days and during those years? How would they have known in 2 future events one hundred and fifty years apart?

The Connection is undeniable

What is the Importance of this Star System

The Horse Map

Is our primary focus on 


5 of Diamonds with a Fifth dot

This Star system seems to be looked by many. Consistently throughout history we continue to see civilizations modeling their mega-structures, communities, and even adding it as a clue, etched in Stone Maps so a pathway to hidden treasures would be passed down to future generations. The Person who created this Map had a special connection with the Native People and they shared things if importance.

 3            13

Coincidence or intentionally done? The numbers 3 and 13 located on a Stone map with a system of stars that is said throughout history that visitors have come from and even made Earth their home. The creator of this map who's placed it their in that position for a reason. The creator knew the stars like the back of his hand and was well loved by the Native American peoples. Understand that there are things that need to remain in secret to protect our landmarks and places of historical value with-in Arizona.

Purposely left out

Information involving this connection with the Phoenix Lights and this Horse Map will remain non-disclosed for many reasons. Things are intentionally covered-up and cloaked in secrecy for a reason and we intend to keep it that way. The Phoenix Lights and everything involving their existence happened in Arizona purposely, it was meant to be. Ask yourself this question:

Why is Arizona so Important?

Chris learned about these stones in 1987

Why is Arizona so Important?

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