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Salvator Mundi

The last Painting

by Leonardo Da Vinci

$450 million Dollar Da Vinci

$450 million Dollar Da Vinci

Its believed that Leonardo painted Salvator Mundi for the Queen of the Royal French Family and it remained with the Royal Family up until around 1763. Sometime afterwards, the masterpiece went missing for 150 years until it resurfaced in a collection at the turn of the 20th Century, however it came up again in 1958 at an auction where it sold for 45 euros. In 2005, it reappeared at an American Estate where an art dealer, based in New York brought the painting for $10,000. Over the course of 13 years it was resold at $80 million in 2013 and eventually it was re-sold to a Russian billionaire in the same year for $127 million before it eventually sold for the recording price of $450 million in present day.

Christ as Salvator Mundi

Savior of our World

The painting shows Christ in Renaissance style of dress offering a benediction with his right hand, two fingers raised, with a deep gaze looking into the souls of the viewer. In his left hand, Christ is holding crystal rock orb signifying his role as the master of the Cosmos and the one who will save the World. The crystal Orb represents the Heavens as it was during the renaissance, with 3 dots located inside of the Orb. Who would Leonardo's purposely place 3 dots inside of the Orb with noticeable errors made by an over qualified artist?

What is he trying to tell the viewer?

The Orb

The orb generates the most discussion for many reasons. The main topic is the distortion in which you would see looking in a crystal ball like this but, Da Vinci left this easy task out of image, why?

Also there are 3 distinct white dots with-in the Orb that represent something that has meaning however, whatever going on inside of the crystal ball was done intentionally by Leonardo Da Vinci leaving the viewers to ask a multitude of questions. The three dots have a pattern, very noticeable if one is familiar with astronomy but, why would he include this with a depiction of Jesus surrounded by darkness. There is obviously an important message that he wants to share with us about our Lord and Savior and that's probably why this painting has stayed out of the public eye for so long.

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God came to Earth in Human form but, where did he come from?

The answer might be in his left hand...

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