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 Extraterrestrial or Man Made is apart of 3  13  97 franchise. Its a Documentary that covers all Ariel Phenomenon events that have occurred with-in Arizona from


Along with a brief history lesson explaining When and Why Arizona became so important!

For your Safety 

The identity of locations in this Documentary will be withheld for YOUR safety as well as ours! With permission to film near hidden, undisclosed areas, we are bonded by certain branches of the United States Military to keep these locations classified and not to disclose or mention these areas of interest for publicity or popularity reasons to promote this Documentary!

Thank You.

March 13th, 1997

It's a date that many people will never forget, the night the Phoenix Lights

were seen by an entire state and witnessed by over 10,000 people for 106 minutes.

Arizona has the most reported Unidentified Flying Objects cases known to date including the famous "Fire in the Sky"and the Marana Base sighting that was documented in Project Bluebook

Why is Arizona so Important?


Discover how over 100 years of documented events are all connected, eventually lead up to what thousands of people saw on

MARCH 13th, 1997.

Follow the clues hidden in this website!

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